The lightweight calendar you need for busy days

Hyper schedule your day

Hyperplanner helps you organize your tasks fast and easy with a clean overview. Scheduling your day makes you more productive and focused. With calendar integration, it makes it easier to find time between your everyday activities.

Quick planning

Create your task quickly anytime during the day. Name it, time it, tag it and you are done.

Track your progress

Tick off finished tasks and check your progress at the daily stats screen.

Pro Features

Powerful reporting

Powerful Reporting

With the reporting feature you can easily send your daily results by email. Measure works done by tags, e.g. client works.


Hyperplanner is a freemium application, but we highly suggest to try out
our pro features that make your daily planning easier.



  • Hyperplan your day
  • Calendar Integration
  • Reminder notifications
  • Track your daily progress

New features coming soon


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  • Everything Included in Free
  • Daily Statistics
  • Powerful App
  • Apple Watch App coming soon!
  • Custom Themes
  • Sync between devices

New features coming soon

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